I am Canadian, now living in the Dominican Republic. When I first moved here I lived in a small touristy resort town on the North Coast. Beautiful, but not much fun if you are under 300 and don’t really fancy booze for breakfast. I’m not 300.


I recently moved to Santo Domingo. It’s an amazing city, rich in culture and history. I love it here, but I have struggled with the language. I have taken Spanish classes and use online tools, but it’s not easy when you are lazy and like vodka for breakfast.


My biggest challenge with the language is on the phone. In person, my Spanish isn’t great but my interpretive dance is bar none. When I need to call my internet provider, or a taxi, it gets tricky. I get one of two responses.

  1. Hang up. (Taxi Company)
  2. Is someone else there? Can I speak to your husband? Is you husband there?

My husband is ball-gagged in the closet, so let’s try this again.


There is no husband.

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