V.D. For Singles

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Dreaded by all, the single, the coupled, dreaded by all but those who sell chocolates, flowers, fancy underpants or sappy saccharine greeting cards.

As a single the best way through it is to not mope. Treat yourself. You don’t want people to think you are all alone or unloveable. Make yourself a nice dinner. If you are truly brave, get food delivered, but the driver knows you are there by yourself, even when you ‘talk’ to someone in the room they can’t see. They know the Chinese dinner deal for four is all for you. They really do.

I bought myself treats. The secret is not to buy for one. No, my lonely candied hearts, it’s important that the cashier thinks you are buying for a date. Don’t buy a bottle of wine, two candles, a single serving bag of potato chips and a bar of chocolate. No, my singles, we buy four bottles of wine, at least two family sized bags of chips, different flavours, natch, and a large box of chocolates and possible cookies. If you feel the need to let your cashier and bag boy know you are ‘getting some’, throw in a packet of pancake mix, for the next morning wink wink.

Much better.

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