Our Daily Grind: One.

Some years back I was working in a diner that I enjoyed and had managed to get me back on my feet and actually save some money. After several years and several staff changes, which was more family than staff, I decided it was time to move on.

I found temp-work at the LCBO for Christmas help. It was Summerhill store, the old train station, a beautiful store and one of the largest they have. I worked daily at the restaurant , doing the breakfast and lunch shift and then evenings I went to stand on the till as a cashier for another six to eight hours. It was exhausting.

Nearing Christmas, the crowds are bigger, the shifts are longer and people are crabbier. I had had a particularly hard day at the restaurant and then had to go straight to the liquor store with out a break. After several hours I finally got my break and had to walk through the entire store to get to the staff break room. On my way a man stopped me for help. He never actually looked at me, he just saw a uniform. He held up two bottles and asked me if I knew anything  about Scotch. No, I said. He barked at me, ‘Well, don’t just stand there, go find me someone who does”.

I walked to the break room.

Moral: Don’t be an asshole.geo_06_cartoon_graphik_5a

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