Real TV

BinocularsBesides a few exceptions, I’ve been television free for many many years. When I moved from Calgary to Vancouver I got rid of the television I had and never got another one. Many years later in Toronto I was learning sign language and all the practice lessons were on VHS. You heard me. I got a loaner from friends with a built in tape player and it wasn’t long before I was sucked right back in to the vortex of crap.

I’m happy to report it didn’t last long. I got rid of the television and the next batch of sign language lessons was on DVD. Last year when I moved to the Dominican Republic I watched a bit but I fall in to the same garbage patterns. Spend all afternoon on the couch watching stupid court shows waiting to watch re-runs of The Big Bang Theory or Seinfeld.

I left my television there in Sosua with the handyman, when I moved but frankly, who needs cable  when you have binoculars!? Best. Reality. Show. Ever.

It’s not like I can see into people’s houses and private life (or can I?) For a few years I lived across from the Broadview Subway stop in Toronto and I used to sip, yes, sip wine in the window and watch the world of Broadview. It was absolutely fabulous. I saw fights, lovers, drug deals, arrests, and The taste of The Danforth was the motherlode.

I got very comfortable doing this and seemed to think myself invisible. One morning I was watching a man walk past with his dog and he waved at me. Not going to lie. Surprised me quite a bit. I thought to myself, maybe I should get off the window ledge. Maybe put on a shirt.

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