Always the bridesmaid, never the bride? I’ve never been married or a housewife. I assumed I wouldn’t be very good at it, except the hanging around the house part. I could do that.

Several of my married friends over the years who have raised kids and ran the house have used the word “I” rather then “We”. It confuses me. The first time I heard it my friend said, ‘I bought a new car’. You did?, I asked. Yes, she said. She’s never held a job outside the home, so I was curious why she didn’t say, we bought a car or Husband bought a car.

I never asked her, just assumed it made her feel better. Maybe she picked the colour.  I got a message the other day from someone from the small town I recently left. We were neighbours, had spent some time together but not particularly friends. I found her mean, mean with money and rather cutting in her remarks. She was a second, ‘trophy’ wife, although if ‘we’ are being honest here, not first prize. She acted like she was top shelf goods, though.

Her message said, Hi, it’s  (fill in name here), I moved to Mexico. I immediately clock on to the ‘I’. Did you? Yes, she said. I’m trying it for a year. Well, of course I assume it’s just her, not her and her husband because that’s what she said. ‘So, he finally tossed you out, eh? Not surprised, you always were a sour faced old cow. Miserable bitch!

No, I mean We did. Jeeze, what the fuck, woman? That was her response.

Tee Hee! Totes kidding! So totes not kidding.

She signed off by saying if I ever found myself down Mexico way, although in this case it should be up Mexico way, or at least across .. I digress. That I always had a place to stay because Her house was HUGE!

Not going, Me. I-Me-Mine-Narcissism

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