Blooms In The Barbs

Molly likes blue. Jill doesn’t. Fight started.

What is it about fighting on the internet? Honestly, I’m not a fan, but sometimes you can’t help yourself. My theory is, that people who never felt they had a voice, suddenly do. They may have been wallflowers for many years but now they have an outlet. Perhaps it’s repression that makes us so vile?  Anonymity helps propel that even further. Clearly, we would never say most of the stuff to people’s face. Most of us can do it from our couch but would be hard pressed to say hurtful and cruel things in person, particularly to a stranger.

I like to play games online, crosswords, solitaire, escape games. I can, and do, idle away my early mornings doing just that. Most of the sites I go to people are just interested in the games, some have virtual and real friends but it’s pretty tame. One site I go to has been changing recently and a lot of us older players aren’t taking it well. It’s not the site, but a new crop of players that’s changed.

Several old school payers have been voicing opinions about it and I got caught up in it. I’m not very brave about it, though. I state my piece and then go, not returning to see the responses. I have done in the past and it ends with me calling someone a CUNT in all capitals. Not. Good.  I’m not a Stand-And-Fight kind of internet arguer. I’m more of a Fart-In-The-Elevator-And-Bugger-Off kind18ixhcr5g3522jpg.

We all have a name we use and mine reflects my abrasive personality. People take great pleasure in pointing that out, but I have so far resisted saying, well, duh. This particular site, it’s for escape games, where you need to find clues to get in or out of situations. I’ve played them for years. Recently there has been one woman in particular who has been really aggressive in the forum. We always used to ask for help or give small clues. She comes in now and comments on every stick or crumb she finds and has completely highjacked all the games with this. To be honest, she is as obnoxious as all fuck.

I’ve been caught up in all of this garbage because, why? I can? I’m bored? Yes. The other side, the reason this woman had highjacked the game site and is so desperate to get her name and clues all over the page is because she’s probably lonely.  Maybe she was bullied? Maybe this is an safe outlet for her. Maybe she doesn’t have any friends except online. The answer here, is yes.

A few people use their real names, which you can find easily enough online, Facebook and such.  A few months I noticed, well, we all noticed a few players getting chummy and mentioned their Facebook pages and started to connect. Then it seemed like two players in particular were chatting quite a bit. A few weeks later we gathered that a woman from California had completely upped sticks and moved to something something Shire in Merry Ole to be with this man she met on the is game site. And not just the game site, but a particular game made by a particular game maker.

So, in the midsts of a battle of “Yes I can, No you can’t” going on, of which I was firmly nestled, I went to the game site’s page on Facebook and I noticed, not the person I was looking for but the name of the lady who moved to The UK. I went to her Facebook page to give it a proper snoop and was completely overwhelmed.  There she was, with the UK guy and her kids and her grandkids and all just as happy as Larry. I thought it was so sweet, that I had watched this unfold and there it was! Well, clearly I missed their Skype calls, but still.

It gives me hope. Love is there, maybe where you least expect it.

But you’ll have to excuse me, there’s a bitch in Scotland I need to insult. Unless I find her picture first.

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