Can We Talk? Please?

A friend of mine suggested to me a few weeks ago that I ‘should get laid’.  This really annoyed me. This is someone whom I have known for over twenty years and I should hope he would know me better than that.

I’ve never been someone who wanted to just get laid. I do enjoy sex, but not with just anyone. I’m not judging here, I know casual sex works for a lot of people, it just doesn’t work for me. I’ve done it, it really doesn’t. But how is just going out and picking up a stranger and then getting physically intimate helping any situation?

If I want an orgasm, I’ll have one. I’d hardly just hand that responsibility over to a complete stranger. Not too sure an intimate friend is much less of a gamble, to be honest. If it’s intimacy I am craving, once again, how is a, likely drunken fumble about with someone I don’t know intimate?

My lament, if it was one, was that I was finding myself rather isolated and lonely. It’s not something I really considered when I moved to the Dominican Republic; I considered it a bit more when I moved to Santo Domingo. I don’t know anyone and struggle with the language.  I have met a few people but no one I consider a friend here.

So, I rely on my friends in Canada to talk to me, keep me informed, but mostly keep me laughing and sane. I loved having Skype or FaceTime calls, some communicate through messenger or email. It’s become a big deal.

As far as the sex goes, I would like to have it again. But with someone I like. For now it’s me.

I like me.


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