Smell You!

Last time we met I was happily whinging about the noises here. How it was almost impossible to tell the difference from a yelping dog, whining baby or a cat in heat.

Well, speaking of heat, things do get a bit ripe once it starts to heat up. People, yes, but the garbage stank is almost unbearable some days. Most days. When the heat index has climbed up to 40 and more, it’s enough to try and keep you and your pets cool. The first few days of real heat I took my boys to the bedroom and turned on the air conditioner.

I’m more acclimatised now, and although it’s still a sweaty affair, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the horrendous reek of the festering garbage. Everything goes in the trash. No recycling or composting here. Our garbage barrels are in the sidewalk, meaning they are sunk down with the top at sidewalk or street level. I guess it only takes about one or two sting winds to figure that out.

Unfortunately, not everyone can be bothered to lift the lid and just drop their trash on top or beside the bins. Or, it gets filled quickly and they just over flows. What ever the case the exposed bags sit un the tremendous heat and humidity and turn to festering putrid  stank. As if that’s not enough, it attacks the various animals in the neighbourhood. Dogs, cats and birds love nothing more that to tear the bags open and have a good dig through our left over lives.

Even when the trucks comes to collect, and let’s take a moment to try and understand what a horrendously awful job that would be, the stench of the underlying sludge can be detected for blocks.

Some times, more often than I would like, the stench is filling my nostrils as I try to sleep. Let’s not even mention the bugs and other vermin attracted.

But not all is stinky here in the Dominican. far from it. Flowers flowers everywhere are intoxicating and plentiful throughout the year. Many cleaning products are scented with floral or fruity types of scents. I assume that’s what I’m smelling. Not having used any myself.

My friend Brad, when visiting me from Toronto commented that the toilet paper was scented. Yes, I said, I believe it all is. There is a big problem with plumbing and toilets in general. When I lived in Sosua almost every pub or restaurant to visited had a big sign pleading for you to NOT FLUSH PAPER!

It does seem a sad state of affairs when a toilet chokes on a few single-ply squares of paper, but being good Canadians, we comply. So, you use it and drop it in the waste basket. I’m guessing it happens here, as I see not so many sighs here but the toilet paper is in the basket rather than flushed. I guess it’s just a thing.

So add a basketful of pissy, shitty wadded up paper to the garbage being tossed around by bird and wind and there’s your summer accent. That’s the one you were going for.

As my friend Tony likes to say, “Enough to gag a maggot”










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