Miss You Here.

Getting the new cat, Chance has been an adventure and it seems like time sort of disappears. He came in here sniffing around, exploring everything and now it’s ten weeks ago.

He’s young and curious and likely didn’t live indoors, at least not full-time. His curiously requires a lot of attention. Well, mine. I have to stop things I’m going, like a crossword puzzle. I have to get up. A lot.

“That’s not a toy.” “Don’t chew that.” “Get off of that.” “Hey, that’s an antique!”

But I also noticed my routine with Jango has changed. He’s had to make adjustments to the three-legged whirlwind, as well. It’s harder for him, because we’ve had the same relationship for many years. He’s lived with me for eleven years and close to five with just the two of us.

It became really apparent fairly quickly. Jango is a really affection cat and not unlike a spurned lover, he’s been making it known he’s feeling neglected.  Several times a day he would stretch out on his back or side, big beautiful belly begging to be rubbed, then another few minutes on the exposed chin, if it’s not too much trouble.

He’s made it clear he wants that time back, so when he comes looking, or even when I go to him, we keep it to ourselves for as long as we can. One of his favourites was in the evening as I was going to bed, he would come on the bed and perch himself on the pillows beside me. He would hang there for the ‘making love’ part and then sometimes just nod off and sleep there for a while. I love it. Sometimes he would plop on of his big back hairy skis right in my face and I wouldn’t move a hair.

The other night, he pushed past the newbie chasing his tail on the end of the bed and marched right up to his rightful place at the head of the bed. I was thrill, truth be told, so I stretched my leg out so Chance wouldn’t come and attack right away. While I worked on Jango’s neck, ears and the top of his head, Chance slowly started to creep up. It’s unbearably cute, but I still want Jango to have his time with me, I think it’s really important for him to  feel like he’s still The Man. Because, he is.

It’s getting easier and better now. The past two mornings Jango has decided that he will eat breakfast at the same time,rather than wait.  I guess because Chance’s desperation is waning. He makes a point of coming to me for his random make-out sessions throughout the day, although he’s not quite to the point of just eyes closed, belly up, that would surely be an invitation to be pounced on.

I was missing him, our old ways and I’m happy to see that he was, too. He’s usually quite happy to go a few rounds with Chance, somedays, not on your life. But we are all adjusting and he’s slowly taking his place back. I think he understands things about Chance, the injury, the desperate need to be fed and loved.

We can learn things from out fur-friends.

Jango chooses the sunny spot. Be like Jango. Always choose the sunny spot.

Jango in Sun

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