Like, Not.


Sometime, or a lot, I wake up early and if it seems I can’t get to sleep, I inevitably grab my phone and start scrolling Facebook, email, my daily puzzles. Applications, so they call them.

The Facebook lately has been getting on my last nerve. It sounds like this:

Oh, shut up

You did not!

Another selfie, Christ on a cracker

Oh, your food, again. *Hide post* *See less*

Fuck off!

Ooh, a celebrity died!

Aw, kittens! *like*

Not another one! Get a life!

Shut it! *Hide post* *See less*

Fishing trip much? *don’t like to make a point*


Thought I unfriended you… *unfriend*

You only put that up for the compliments.

Right, you are the only one who had someone die. It’s been six years, moving on. Hide post. See waaay less.

Recipe. *watch video*

Bragging about a Facebook quiz. *fuck sakes*

Looks at “On This Day”

Looks for birthday’s.

Sees horrendous post of injured animal. *Unfriend*

Like fuck you did! *Hide post* * See less*

Wow, a picture of you in the mirror with your phone. So. Lame.

Meme: this is so me! *It would be if you actually thought it up first, not just shared some meme that 4.5k people have shared and all claimed it to be ‘me’. *hide post* *see waaayyy less*

*Posts birthday card on friend’s wall* *freaks out when people piggy back on said card to express their birthday wishes*.

Debates losing half of Facebook ‘friends’

Has Coffee.


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