Can’t Wait!





Well, it’s a month away from Christmas. Are you excited? I’m excited because I get company. Visitors from a far away land, bringing me news of my long lost lifestyle and special Canadian treats like cat grass seeds and Cheesies. Mostly though, conversation and someone to drink with who is in the same room!

I’ve been noticing lately that people say, “I can’t wait!” a lot. I remember very clearly saying this to my mother as a child while she sat at the kitchen table reading, perhaps eating something sweet, I said, “I can’t wait!”. I don’t remember what it was about but it’s just something we say. “Well”, she said between chews of her caramel, “you’ll just have to.”.

I’m not going to lie, it really took the wind out of my sails. But of course we have to. It’s a silly thing to say, really. I can’t wait. If you are running late, for instance, and you are at the barber or there is a line up for the latte, you can say, ‘I can’t wait.’ If you have a bladder like mine, ‘you can’t wait.’.

Waiting for a holiday, waiting for company, waiting to move, we just have to wait. We can’t make time shift itself any faster but we say ‘I can’t wait’ as an expression of excitement of something coming up. It’s just that everything I hear it or read it I hear my mother saying in her matter-of-a-fact way that I simply have to. No argument, no debate, just have to.

But Christmas is coming and my friends are coming and I have to wait.

I See City!



So. We moved. It’s always such a big job and for someone who seems to do it a lot, it’s still a big job. Also, for someone who moves a lot, I have an awful lot of crap. Not an easy job, this one. Moved out of the forth floor, which is really eight sets of stairs. Moved in to the forth floor, but with ground level parking beneath, so fifth floor and ten flights of stairs. I pity the fool who has to keep hauling my record collection up and down said stairs.

Moving to Santo Domingo was so exciting! Stressful but exciting. I knew soon after I got to the Dominican that the city would be the place for me. I was very pleased with the apartment I found when I got here, but that never lasted long. I was stuck in the burbs and my entire view was the parking lot. Plus, everyone pulling in to the parking lot had a view of me. Don’t get me started on all the exhaust fumes I had to suck in. I have a view now, a city view. There is something about being able to see a long way away that just opens you up.

My number one tip for moving to a new country is to befriend a local. I’ve met a few people but I happened to take a taxi home from shopping one day and the driver spoke really good English. We exchanged numbers and I called him for things a few times. But when It came to this move he really proved to be helpful. I saw more of Santo Domingo in a few days than I may have in a year. He took me around to areas to look for “For Rent” signs, called places and interpreted everything. Seriously. Friend a native.

Things were tolerable with my old place until the landlord made a big deal about me signing a new lease. I told him several times I didn’t want to. I had completed the year long one and wanted to go month to month. He actually showed up at my door, which he did a lot, (at one point I told him to look up the difference between the words ‘tenant’ and ‘guest’) and wasn’t leaving until I signed it. It was for six months, I still didn’t want it. I knew I could find a great place for half the rent he was charging me.

My first comment was, ‘It’s in Spanish’. He said it was exactly the same as the last one, just six months instead of a year. Lie. This is where he forgot to mention there was a rent increase in it. I didn’t know about that until he sent me a message a few weeks ago telling me I had to make up the difference. Like fuck. At the signing I again expressed my concern about getting locked in due to me not having much money. He said he wouldn’t sue me, just beat me. I mean, come on. Who the fuck says that to your tenant? It’s not like I really believed him, but he said it.

So, we moved. I didn’t tell him I was leaving. My friend helped me find this place, got me appliances, found movers, ¬†helped with the move. Seriously pleased. Now I can’t afford to move again, so I guess I’m here until I’m not.