Password Schmashword.

Some people may remember several game shows called ‘Passwod’  Everyone know the word but the contestant and they were given clues to figure it out.  Sort of like hackers of today   Pet names, birthday, anniversary , childhood address.

iCloud. Bank. Two, three different email accounts. Movie sites. Signing in to the computer. Never mind having to sync it all up with the phone, iPad, laptop.  It’s a mess!  When I first starting interneting I had need of maybe three passwords and they were all the same.   But that’s not good enough for you, is it Internet?  Noooo.

Once I needed more I used a variation of the original. Still do. Except the more you need the worse it gets.  I went from two, three, five to how many changes?  It’s madness.  Now I somehow ended up with two separate iCloud accounts and trying to sort that nightmare between laptop and phone, quite frankly it’s enough to make you scream, swear, throw things, flip a table and in extreme measures, throat punch a baby!  Not yours, of course.  Maybe just the whinging wailing sticky little screecher downstairs from me.  But that’s for another day.

I was so fed up awhile ago I just changed them all to “LetMeInIn321OrTheBabyGetsIt’

I feel better now, signing in somehow.image.jpeg